What is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is a total cleaning philosophy utilizing low-risk cleaning products while implementing the most efficient cleaning practices possible. The closest definition is defined by Stephen Ashkin, Father of Green Cleaning, Cleaning to protect health without harming the environment. Green cleaning is an all-inclusive cleaning and management practice that brings together cleaners, facilities managers, tenants and visitors to create healthier buildings.

Why Use Green Cleaning?

- LEED certifications points
- Increase lifespan of carpets, floors and other costly and frequently replaced items
- Energy Savings
- Tenant health and safety
- Increase overall value of company
- Reduce exposure to aggressive chemicals
- Improve employee productivity and morale

Green Seal Certified Chemicals

- 3M Bathroom Cleaner No.4
- 3M General Purpose Cleaner No.8
-3M Neutral Cleaner No .3
-3M Glass Cleaner No. 1

Twist and File System

- Takes the guesswork out of measuring and ensures the most efficient dispense rate possible.
- Accurate technology that ensures consistent effective chemical performance.
- Compliance with "right-to-know" law is easier with 3M's MSDS and labels supplies for both ready-to-use and concentrated chemicals
- Highly concentrated to maximize value and minimize wasteful containers

Training and Operations

All Star Building Services cleaning personal are trained for ultimate efficiency without sacrificing quality. SBS Green procedures take into account following:
- Using fewer types of chemicals
- Using Green Seal Certified chemicals and environmentally conscious equipment
- Reducing the amount of consumable products used
- Energy and water Savings


Cleaner, healthier buildings and happier tenants. It's time to go SBS GREEN.